three-250Please raise your hand if you dare with a brave look also when you are in town.
I am pretty sure that very few hands have been raised, your eyes bulge and this formula sounds weird: Free spirit + wish to dare = fear to be wrong!

If you have never worn any vivid color in a meeting with your boss in town, a maxi skirt to go to the supermarket or a caftan dress to go to the movies with your boyfriend, this is the right occasion to experiment a carefree look and oppose the austerity of this pitiless spring, too cold and very wet.
However, the summer wish is going to explode and is there any better occasion than this to leave to rest your metropolitan wardrobe and welcome a special look?
Come on, challenge your routine, your free spirit feels like changing!

Color mania
Start replacing dark winter colors with sunny and marine colors and try to mix shades based on your usual hair color:

  • if you are blond, go for fuchsia and military green;
  • if you are red-haired, go for purple and splash blue;
  • if you are brown-haired, go for yellow, orange and natural-earth shades;
  • if you are silver-haired, modern navy and cardinal red are perfect.

Mix & match
To rekindle your usual jeans or tailored-cut trousers, choose accessories based on your personal preferences:

  • if you feel athletic and very motivated, flower-patterned satin décolleté shoes and a white perforated leather handbag will be perfect;
  • if you feel tired even before starting, go for marine-style two-color low sandals and couple them with a vitamin-stripped shoulder bag, a hat in the same color and a blue stone pendant to energize your third chakra, that is your personal power;
  • if you go crazy about glitters, go for thongs with a jewel, mirror nail varnish, add a silver clutch bag and metal-color rings;
  • if you are travelling, wear sunny-colored sneakers, add a nice silk and linen fringed scarf and mix it with eastern-style glasses.

Beautifully shining
Now that you are ready to innovate, let your personal sun shine every morning, warm up your strengths and start to experiment. Daring with a brave look means knowing oneself and letting oneself go. However, remember that balance is essential: free spirit expressed is always elegant and never vulgar, this is why there is no fear to be wrong!

By Patrizia Saolini as seen on: