coaching-375Since 2006 Retail Coach® staff solutions is a key corporate coaching service targeted at the Retail luxury goods sector.

Retail Coaching is a conversation model inspired by the Corporate Coaching method based on fostering potential to improve group performance and increasing profit in point of sale.

Here at Retail Coach® we have responsabilities similar to that of an athletic coach, our exclusive role is to support the growth of business activities, especially those related to world of luxury goods, providing an ongoing contribution with a view to improving corporate profitability.

The Retail Coach® becomes an ally to the most demanding entrepreneur.

Example of activities that have improved thanks to the support of Retail Coach®:

  • Development of efficient communication between Area Boutique and Stores
  • Achievement long term objectives shared with Retail Manager and Store manager
  • Creation and implementation of effective plans of action
  • Strengthening of Positive Leadership in top-rate sales team
  • Increasing women’s partecipation in strategic key-activities (Team in Pink)

In 2011, to respond to international clients’ new needs, Retail Coach® has complemented its training offering with two new Coaching styles:

  • Designer Coaching: dedicated to fashion designers and to the Style Department staff. To consistently foster the development of collections, so that these have a positive impact on the market and are creative and commercial at the same time;
  • Style Coaching: dedicated to professionals wishing to start restyling their look and their lifestyle. To achieve better visibility and a renewed source of positive energies, ideal to be open to new opportunities of personal success.

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I’m grateful for having had the opportunity of working with a true expert. A person whom, ever after years, I still hold in high esteem. I have always admired Patrizia courtesy and diplomacy and will never forget just how understanding she was at the time when trying to reconciliate my job with my studies was not easy. She was always there for me when i needed her, motivating me and encouraging me to continue even when things got tough.

Elisa Beasley, Burberry European Client development co-ordinator

I Have known Patrizia for many years, sha has worked with our brand on several occasions with responsabilities ranging from organizing the start-up of our sales points abroad to the Retail Coaching project in our company. She has also been involved in Public Relations and Personnel Selection. She is an expert in the luxury goods sector.

Stefano Dominella, AD Gattinoni Couture e Alta Roma President

Coaching Styles

One to one:
individual sessions of Retail, Designer o Style coaching, in person or by telephone (lasting for one hour and half);

Dual coaching:
couple sessions of Dual-Retail e Designer Coaching, in person or by videoconference (lasting for two hours);

Team coaching:
Retail Coaching e Designer Coaching in team sessions, either conducted at our offices or at those of our clients, (lasting for four hours);

All sessions are covered by guarantee of absolute confidentiality as The code of Ethics by International Coach Federation.



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