Team in Pink

Team-coaching-pinkTeam in Pink for women lasts about 2 and half hours, monthly. The sessions are subdivided into two time slots; Lunch: 1pm-3:30pm, or Lounge: 6:30pm-9:00pm.

The request to partecipate can be communicate via e-mail ( with at least 30 days of advance notice to partecipate in Milan and 45 days to partecipate in other locations. Confirmation will follow within 20 days, depending on seat avalillability.

The costs is 90 euro + tax (vat 22%) per person, and is open to a maximum of 12 attendees. For companies, the cost is to be defined based on the intervention.

The groups are subdivided in:

  • Glamour girls: a mix of Designer, PR, Journalist and Sales Director;
  • Executives: groups specifically targeted at critical issues of top leaders;
  • Store and Retail Manageress: groups targeted at career development for middle and top management

Partecipating in Team in Pink stimulates the confrontation with the other professional and becomes an excellent source of stimulus of new ideas and positive emotions, all under the scope of growing-up professionally and taking care of the group’s dinamic.

If instead you wish to dedicate to yourselves esclusively one hour of Retail Coaching, you can evaluate individual sessions that can be done in our offices, in your place, or else by phone or by Skype.
The costs of an individual private session is 180,00 euro + tax (vat 22%). For companies, the cost is to be defined based on the specific needs.

Retail Coach from the beginning follows the Ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation, based on the respect of the total identity of the client, and on the maximum of discretion (

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