pachidermaThe elephant objective metaphorically marks the border between the good intentions in your mind often stuck and full of doubts, and the confident self full of determination and ready to plan the actions towards the desired change. Once you found the different steps to reach your goal, you would be ready to develop the project in reality, and consolidate it in the long term.
But, what happens when you are halfway in the process and it is clear that to reach such a challenging objective you need help?

We all need a cospicuous amount of focus and a strict decision making approach to overcome inner and outer obstacles.
Here are some usefull questions to create awareness about your next steps:

  • “What kind of mindset has to be changed soon to clarify your ideas for the future?”
  • “In which part of your life do you feel strongest today?”
  • “In which way are your reaping the fruits of this strength?”
  • “How satisfied are you of the results you got until now?”
  • “Do you have any suggestions for improving your focus on your actual goal?”
  • “Write down a first step toward your goal: when are you going to put that step in action?”
  • “What if you don’t stick to your commitment?”
  • “Who will benefit of that first step taken?”

These questions will not distract you from your already ambitious objective and keep you tracked on the right path. But to reach your goal, one slice a day, you have to keep a higher level of physical and mental energy compared to your daily standards, which is not easy.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed think about slicing and slicing again and ask for help…good coaches are out there to support your dreams, reaching the end of your project in small steps.

Don’t worry, go coaching!