miami-250Miami Art Basel was held from 4th to 7th December 2014 to display contemporary art in all its expressions. Judging from the 9 areas the exhibition has been divided into at South Beach Convention Center and from the 267 galleries coming from all around the world to present the most well-known international artists of this edition, they have undoubtedly offered high personal emotions.

During Art Basel, Miami hosts many exclusive events and theme parties, involving special guests and global VIPs.
The positive approach of this edition was soon clear, looking at the pop style and colors of fittings that, in spite of the crisis, were indulgent and optimistic, almost aimed at crystallizing the unique and personal experience that pieces of art want to provoke.
And this very “experience” has been the topic dealt with during the “Conversation about Materials for Immateriality” with the artist Marina Abramović and the designer Patrizia Urquiola, the creative director of the Italian brand Moroso, Patrizia Moroso and the director of the Beyeler foundation, Sam Keller, as today materials can create a completely immaterial experience.

According to Abramović, indeed, “when the public interacts with tangible objects, the exclusive experience is created and becomes a value, so much that the very public becomes the actual contemporary art”.
This artist, born in Belgrade, but living in New York, is currently working at the creation of a movie on the lyrical singer Maria Callas, titled “Seven Deaths“, where she wants to gather different directors to tell the story of the amazing performer destroyed for love.
Is it a coincidence that one of the 9 areas Art Basel has been divided into was dedicated to social movies and committed short movies? Of course it isn’t, but for now let’s enjoy the most “vitamin-rich” pieces of the Gallery area, that once again proves to be a rare beauty and great contemporary joy.
Stay tuned!


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