ROI of Visual Merchandising

Patrizia-e-LisaWhile is widely accepted that coaching and training for visual merchandising is an effective approach to increasing the number of customers who come into the retail store, the challenge is how to credibly measure the impact of the coaching and training program on business results. In fact, many may wonder if it’s possible to credibly measure the impact of visual merchandising training and coaching program and report return-on-investment. Indeed, it is possible to measure the impact, and in working with Retail Coach, you will have access to the ROI Methodology™ approach through our partnership with Bloom Coaching Institute founded by Lisa Edwards.

This partnership began in 2010 when Lisa contributed a section on demonstrating the monetary value of coaching utilizing the ROI Methodology™  to Patrizia’s book, Retail Coaching: la gestione operativa della rete vendita secondo le logiche dello sport (Franco Angeli 2011) and naturally evolved with the launch of the program Measuring the ROI of Visual Merchandising Training  targeted at the retail luxury goods sector worldwide.


Lisa Edward

Lisa Ann Edwards, MS, ACC, is an educator, author, and consultant on coaching effectiveness and the ROI of coaching, utilizing the ROI Methodology™. Her expertise in talent development is based on more than 15 years’ experience in the printing and publishing, media, and technology industries. As the senior director of talent management for Corbis, a Bill Gates owned global media company Edwards ran the leadership development program and has coached C-level, vice presidents, and director-level employees.

 Edwards has authored or contributed to the following books: Measuring the Success of Coaching: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring Impact and Calculating ROI (2012), Retail Coaching La gestione operativa della rete vendita secondo le logiche dello sport (2011), Keep Looking Up (2010), ASTD Handbook for Measuring and Evaluating Training (2010), Talent Management Handbook (2010), Creative On-boarding Programs (2010), Managing Talent Retention: An ROI Approach (2009), and ROI in Action Casebook (2008).

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