cine-370The worlds of art art and fashion come together to celebrate Marina Abramovic’s party hosted by Fondazione Furla for the launch of her impressive exibition at Milan PAC (Contemporary Art Pavilion) choosen as the venue of her awaited new work. The Abramovich Method is born out of reflection on the basis of her last three performances culminated in 2010 with The Artist is Present at MoMA NYC. This experience have left a big imprint in her perception of her work in relation to the public which result inseparable from the performer itself producing the awareness that the act of performance is able of bringing about a radical trasformation both in the performer and in the public.

I really stick with this concept since me and my partner for the evening Marion Schussler, Retail Director at Nomination, become both amused by the reflection we made on stop and experience the “here and now”, which lead us to seriously consider a pause in this super busy world.

What we really like to do? How quick we want to move forward? With whom we would like to share our emotions? The evening turned out to be a critical thinking moment about our rhythms, just simple questions but powerful enough to observe, listen and understand our needs to relent and look forward to make a better use of our time.

I believe this is an excelent and very wise performance, much like the artist. Definitely our fast and furious future can wait!

The Abramovic Method  – Milan PAC via Palestro 14  – untill June 10 2012 thanks to Comune di Milano and TOD’S
The catalogue is edited by Diego Sileo e Eugenio Viola published by 24 ORE Cultura – Gruppo 24 ORE
The Artist is Present is a film directed by Matthew Akers for HBO.