Luxe met art at Village of Merrick Park

arte-lux-370What two elements combined together are found in my “star&stripes” lavishes dreams? Luxury and art in the gourgeousness retail spot of Village of Merrick Park!

I was completely mesmerized by the sculptures of Master Enzo Carnebianca’s exibition “Tempo Senza Tempo” held in the amazing garden of Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables, Miami. I really felt in love with the intriguing surrealism recalled by his half-divine beings and the mix between past times and future ones leads the way of memory of lost civilizations…pure bliss!

Thanks to the Florida branch of the famous Art Gallery Ca’ d’Oro in Rome, also Miami breathed the passion for one of the most famous italian sculptors, whose works can be found worldwide as well as in the prestigious collection at Vatican next to the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Raffaello and Canova.

The cocktail, arranged in the lime scented courtyard, was surrounded by a friendly and thoughtful atmosphere and was just a couple of steps away from the retail arcade where all the luxury brands show the best collections in the sumptuousness of their attractive boutiques.

The magic touch of Gloria Porcella, fourth generation owner of Ca’ d’Oro Gallery, whose feminine aproach to the art scene was spread throughout the audience, brought everyone to a deep level of listening. Infact, we all felted embraced in a close affectionate and protective acceptance of the tangible “made in italy” creativity framed in to the impressive Carnebianca’s artworks.

Also Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason and Italian Consul General Carlo Barattolo joined the crowd enhancing the floridian south-side of the vibrant environment.
Definitely a nice trip to heaven…thanks Maestro and brava Gloria, see you again in Rome!

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