RetaRetail Coaching one year lateril Coaching un anno dopo

cope-maggio-250The book edited by Franco Angeli and distribuited by Paperback, has been a best seller for all year long in both the retail and coaching fields, and still rocks the charts. As reported on Fashion Magazine #1828/1829 at pag. 48 in “Savoir-faire is the soul of commerce” an article about the best luxury trainers in Italy by Andrea Bigozzi, a new concept of education for retailer is hitting the stores. Basicly based on good performance of the winner team instead on corporate miracles that, in crisis time, means trouble, simply partner with the right Retail Coach, train your potential and focus on good relationships with your clients.

Then savouring a new way of customer satisfaction, with people coming back in your store more frequently and asking for personal advice if not for buying again due by the cravings for the next big thing. So smart! So purposeful!!
Too good to be true? Not at all, quite simply, there are things you can plan with your coach that you can’t with, say, the busy boss or even worst, the dryish collegue. The clue is to unlock the fifteen potentials of the Retail Coaching method, foresight, courage and vitality among others, and enjoy a change in your squad’s behaviour, experiencing a more synergic organization, eventually committed to a common goal. More to the point, they feel new, and that’s what luxury retail is about!

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