nars-370E-tail or not e-tail that is the question but when it comes to beauty and wellbeing I have no doubt where to shop:

SpaceNk is a great recipe to invest well my money and my time infact, with a simple click, I can surf the best beauty website on the planet, living an hestatic moment for counteract my compact dayly schedule.
I admit, I’ve got costant cravings, connecting again and again at night. Due by the mix of my past life as a model and my present one as a coach I’m continuosly pushed in the pursues of inner and outer beauty, but maybe there are no difference at all!

Let’s see the following “E-tail chart” for better understand my favorite on line crash, it’s from 1 to 5 (where 1 is poor and 5 is outstanding).

1) Empathy = 5: I have never give back an order (like it happens with other websites) and it’s been well worthwhile even after hours spent looking for the right ingredient or the best colour…. Believe me, it’s whimsical and fun, definitely they know what an high maintenance customer like me want;

2) Trust = 5: biologic ranges, effective ingredients, true colors, no testing on animal, paraben free, natural healing rejuvenation and plenty of interesting info from the blog of the famous founder Mrs. Nicky Kinnaird….what else? Maybe a trip to the London store can help too!;

3) Ambition = 5: worldwide delivery, new brands every other week, special prices on faboulos items and social networkin: just the perfect mix & match for making me superhappy in every side of the world (and you never know where globalization brings me tomorrow);

4) Innovation = 5: oustanding display, colorfull graphics and smart selections of best sellers, exclusive and new entry products….can’t imagine the items are millions per year…Bravi!;

5) Love = 5; you will always be heard (hello Space Nk Team!) and you can easily sign up the N.dulge card to receive your incentive with every purchase, to be redeemed max every three months. And, no, I don’t feel guilty for being pampered by huge samples!

My favorites brands:
Elementhal Herbology for green summer essentials, NARS for colorful make up and my beloved Multiple in South Beach, Rodial for intensive body creams and supplement sticks, David Kirsch for protein shakes, Bumble & Bumble for well groomed hairs, Lipstick Queen for perfect lips, Go Smile for ultrawhite teeth, Laura Mercier for primer and longlasting eye palette, NK for bubble bath and floral essences, Clarisonic for master brush skin cleanser, not to mention Hampton Sun and Supergoop for effective sunscreen on the go.

My e-tail therapy can be definitely translated with “better to invest where love and care are at their best” and at SpaceNK you are always welcomed and treated with full respect…enjoy and have a nice summer too!