via-roma-370Every time I go back to Florence, the gentleness and love you can breathe in this town revive my soul. It is one of my dearest places, where I can enjoy my positive feelings and I can be filled with art. And it is not a coincidence for Luisa via Roma to be in Florence: it is the pioneering boutique in aesthetic innovation and my fashion benchmark par excellence.
In a historic moment when it is essential to evolve and to leave room to new talents, Luisa via Roma is hosting the Accademia Italiana’s designers in her shop windows, supported by Vogue Italia’s generous expertise. Their creative potential is expressed by the sensual and sophisticated silhouette dedicated to a confident woman who is attracted by global style, but is willing to avoid the temptation of standardizing to the most trivial trends.

I have a very unique image before my eyes. At the very first glance, the monitors scene in the shop window prevails on the dummies and I am almost distracted by the reflections of the building opposite the shop, too pompous, almost blinding. As I get closer, the chameleonic scenes unveil the balance of the display and the hispanic hats are more and more readable, the flower garlands and the stereophonic earrings framing the faces emerge on the giant screen and clothes stand out thanks to the images that flow in the background: everything appears to be in harmony with the context. The delicate expression conveys such a tangible excellence to me that I would like to be part of the game.
The art of reinventing shop windows after being on the market for seventy years is something that makes Luisa via Roma’s insight unique and ingenious, so much that that clients feel like playing with senses entering the shop. These audacious items are winning over the downturn in consumption and keeping up with trends forLuisa via Roma seems to only be an eternal long-sighted exercise… Come on, let us all try to look a bit further!

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