florence-370Luisa via Roma’s staff always welcome you smiling. Be it the cashier, the fashion assistant or the new foreign girl trying to get inputs from her more expert colleague, they always smile openly and sincerely, that is, with a clear welcome.

The spirit of this store is spontaneously euphoric and while I read the iconic statements on the meaning of luxury on the wall, I realize I am landing in Karl’s black & white corner, the new menswear collection from Monsieur Lagerfeld in collaboration with fashion collective I Love Dust which stresses how Luisa via Roma cares about the excellence and creativity couple.

A step forward and I am inebriated by the display of trendy brands and I can breathe a strong sense of possibility in the air… I wonder if you can think it is possible to change the sense of things by choosing a new look. If this look is by Stella Mc Cartney, I am sure you can. This English fashion designer, always attentive when it comes to materials ethical origins, teaches us how to respect the planet and be chic. And it is something, especially if the rules of the game change for the greater good and become pleasantly green. The display keeps being psychedelic and invites you to have a look around, touch and wear all the international brands, including the least well-known and sought-after Gareth Pugh, Paurich Sweeney and Alexandre Birman. Anywhere elegance statements stand out in several different languages: from Sergio Rossi to Balmain, from Christian Louboutin to DSquared, from Dolce & Gabbana to Kris Van Assche. Everything is full of colour, extremely vital and some futuristic murals display fantasy heroines conquering new spaces, not only virtual ones.

I feel free to dream that also outside the store you could dare, you could be more open-minded vis-à-vis diversity and learn to use resources offered by the human kind with respect.

Undoubtedly chez Luisa via Roma we can admire the texture of a great and caring personality, the personality of Luisa Panconesi, accompanied by her energetic and effective staff!

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