fausti-370In Tiziana Fausti’s boutique in Bergamo, Italy the client is always the main focus. Indeed, since the very first glance, it appears clear that the staff make you feel at ease by creating an occasion of mutual conviviality rich of curiosity and good mood. Considering that nowadays the extreme care vis-à-vis stores’ visitors must not be taken for granted, the pride you feel thinking you will be listened to and accompanied in the discovery of one of the best European high-level sellers immediately leads to a reflection on the term “luxury”.
Tiziana Fausti’s luxury is a consistent mix of handicraft, quality and origins, carefully enriched by the sophisticated art of reception. It is substantial but not pompous and is mainly a concept enhanced by Mrs Fausti’s audacity, elegantly expressed in the large boutique on the ground floor completely devoted to Dior’s women’s collection. There are several references to the unmistakable style of the Paris maison, such as the well-known armchairs Louis XVI style, the iconic handbags with Cannage effect and even the image of English-style gardens of Mister Dior’s child home as the display background.
That Mrs Fausti is farsighted is an immediate concept, which can be seen in the aristocratic-style buying, the vintage touch mixed with new trends, in the original character of the first floor painted in red and especially in the positioning of her brand which, as Americans would define in one word, is outstanding.
And it is not a coincidence that the red touch is by the artist Flavio Favelli, who expresses all the creativity and love for contemporary art and the hostess’s trips, in the decorations of the China Red space. All this is complemented by the collections of handbags and accessories by the most eloquent international brands like Stella Mc Cartney, Gucci, Prada, Celine, Zagliani and Bottega Veneta.
The atmosphere recalling the family’s privacy, so rich of humanity and passion for authenticity is priceless. This is why the buying ritual is spontaneous and you never leave the store empty-handed, rather, you feel like going back there soon.
This proves that love for beauty is invaluable, also in moments of crises. Chapeau Madame Fausti!

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