zabete-250Would you like to know what the right address for shopping in New York is during the fashion week? Here is the answer! The coolest place at the moment is at 447, Broome Street and is called Kirna Zabete, that is the unquestioned temple of the most sought-after brands on the international fashion arena.

The boutique was born eleven years ago thanks to the idea of two friends, Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini, who have joined their historic nicknames (Kirna for Sarah and Zabete for Beth), besides their expertise in fashion, to create a new futuristic concept of retail. Today it is located in Soho, marked by a mix of brave colors and welcomes all trendy fashion editors and bloggers, offering a very wide range of clothing and accessories you can go crazy for… and I have gone crazy for the most beautiful fur hat of the season!

Try and see: