chanel-250When it comes to Chanel, you immediately think about opulence.

Starting from the exclusive location of the Fall/Winter 2013/14 fashion show, the Paris Grand Palais, where a huge globe stood out in the middle of the stage to outline the grand power of the brand this year. Going on with the endless parterre filled with unattainable celebrities, busy buyers coming from the five continents and super optimistic journalists. Up to the skyrocketing revenues, 3 billion dollars and 300 boutiques all over the world.
This is globalization chez Chanel, where the downturn does not exist. Rather, it is the sense of possibility that wins over the others’ uncertainties, the extremely strong thrust towards excellence and modernity that only Mr. Lagerfeld may create and use to permeate the spirited collection for unique women busy traveling around the world.

Therefore, after admiring the best robe-manteaux in Paris, as light as clouds are and high boots with crossed chains on the ankles to be coupled with mini-basket handbags, I cannot help rushing to the store to look for something special and, mainly, daring.
Indeed, after Chanel fashion show, love for beauty and the need to be different win over the austerity imposed by the European order and the wish of change seduces and irremediably shakes you. Here are the new emerging desires, the new season going to blossom, the new ‘you’ ready to overcome all global frontiers. Go girls, it is time for renewal! Down with worries and up with vitality… the world will not wait!

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