pat-book-250Let me introduce my new book published by Franco Angeli and written in collaboration with Giovanni Pola, Pro-Commerce CEO. It is addressed to all professionals, companies, coaches who have to operate in e-commerce and to offer their recipients more and more flexibility, customization and collaboration, to achieve higher selling targets.

In a world where digital is constantly evolving and leads to different daily habits for millions of people, it is now time to ask oneself new questions (and try to answer them). This very reflection has led to the challenge set by this book: much has been said and written on digital and e-commerce, but a corporate coach and a digital marketing expert, such different professionals, had never even imagined to combine their expertise.

For the very first time, marketing, digital communication and coaching will be dealt with using the metaphor of the five senses, to thoroughly describe elements that merge in the digital sixth sense. Sight: to better examine the way information is conveyed to us and interpreted.

Hearing: to stimulate the attitude to actively listen and introduce a new model of corporate organization. Touch: how to keep contacts inside and outside a company. Taste: how to offer customers the perception of global quality. Smell: how to develop intuition and guess successful dynamics of the near future.

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Patrizia @MyRetailCoach &
Giovanni @giovannipola
Franco Angeli @AngeliEdizioni

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