custo-250Skin is on show at the New York Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona’s new collection immediately turns seduction into a matter “of skin”.

Custo Barcelona focuses on feminine shapes, though maintaining its exclusive patterns and innovating with cutout geometrical cuts and surprising applications in lace or reptile. The show aims at impressing also with its color shades, ranging from ocean to deep summer sunset tones, making silhouettes extremely enticing and physically present. This look is completed by amazing accessories, especially fancy-knotted sandals and boxed-heeled ankle boots, adding sensuality, particularly with audacious laser-cut miniskirts.

Skin is also dedicated to men and fabric transparency brings out the body of contemporary men, particularly demanding when it comes to materials and comfortable and sporty fittings. Linen jackets, soft trousers and shoulder bags are must-haves of the collection, focusing on monochrome black and on an energetic pistachio color. Sunglasses give a mysterious touch to these self-confident men, extremely careful when it comes to their physical shape.

The most authentic testimonial of Skin is him, Custo Dalmau, the creative soul of the brand, spontaneously embodying the spirit and the shapes of his own collection… easy to love and buy!